Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ces Drilon, Julius Babao and KAREN Davila Launch �Bandila� Microsite

Bandila� anchors Ces Ore�a Drilon, Julius Babao, and Karen Davila will be able to reach out to more Filipinos and deliver the news throughout the day with the launch of the microsite this Monday, April 25.

Carrying the interactive look and feel that �Bandila� is known for, the microsite aims to translate the �Bandila� TV experience to an online experience with streaming of the latest newscast and posts on the night�s biggest news, including the amazing and inspiring stories from segments Patok! and Astig!

It will also serve as a portal for �Bandila� viewers, with a display of the latest posts and feeds from the official accounts of �Bandila� on Facebook and Twitter, as well as all Bandila-related posts bearing the hashtag #bandila.

�Bandila� executive producer Paul Henson said what makes the microsite even more special is that it will enable the public to get to know more about and learn more from Ces, Julius, Karen, three of the Top 5 most followed Filipino media practitioners on Twitter.

He said the site will show the public the other sides of the three anchors, who are all working journalists that actively pursue, write, and produce their stories.

Each of them will have a webpage on the site, where they can post videos and photos from their reports for ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs programs. People can also find here articles on the anchors and also those written by them as working journalists,� he said.

To initiate more interaction, the anchors will also post a question in the site for people to answer or comment on. The best entries will be carried on the microsite.

Find out the biggest news in the nation and join the online discussions with Ces Ore�a-Drilon, Julius Babao, and Karen Davila at

Catch ABS-CBN�s award winning late night newscast �Bandila� from Monday to Friday, after �SNN� on ABS-CBN.

- ABS-CBN Press Statement

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