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Glee Episode 17 Recap � "Bad Reputation" Episode

When a suspicious list is posted ranking the members of Glee with the worst reputations, Sue and Figgins force Will to find out the culprit or, you guessed it, Glee club is toast. Will tries to reason with the kids when they all claim innocence and tries to show them just how much a bad reputation can suck. His best way of communication is apparently performing Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. Rapping, dancing and all. Jesse is right when he says this song should be arrested for sucking. But they all join in and dance nevertheless and agree to their new assignment of songs with bad reputations.

The Glee kids aren�t innocent in all that they do. Kurt steals a video he found in Sue�s office of her dancing to Olivia Newton John�s Physical. It�s the kind of embarrassing video you would make in your bedroom that you would never intend to make youtube. Finn however thinks Youtube is the perfect place for this gem of a video and posts it online. It goes viral by lunchtime and it�s not long before all the students and most of the faculty are laughing at her in exaggerated slow motion. Molly Shannon guest stars as the new bitchy astronomy teacher who doesn�t wait long before harassing Sue. Sue tells her to back off or else she�s going to �Kick you square in the taco!� AHahahahaha. I couldn�t stop laughing at this.

Sue is upset that the emotion radiating off of people around her is no longer fear. Chuck Norris just took back his place at number 1 on the bad ass chart and she�s not liking it. She visits her sister who gives her the advice to help someone worse off than her. That would of course be Emma. Sue�s way of giving back is by encouraging Emma to confront Will on all his manwhore behavior. FINALLY. Will is so taken aback by Emma standing up for herself that that he stands there like a deer in headlights and doesn�t even deny his douchery.

The recent posting of the Glist has got the kids thinking about their own reputations. Rachel is annoyed she�s at the bottom of the list and vows to become more musically promiscuous. So..basically she wants to be a slut. With her music. Rachel ropes Puck into helping her but he�s hesitant. He wants to change himself for the better because he�s tired of being the thug. He almost kisses Rachel with the line that Jesse will never understand what it means to be a jew. Smoooothe. Rachel makes her assignment video to
Run Joey Run by David Getty and uses not only Puck, but also Finn and Jesse. All the guys are pissed they were misled and Finn lets Rachel know that wanting the reputation of a slut is no way to gain friends. Amen. She tries to win them back with a performance of Total Eclipse of the Heart. This is one of the best performances on the show in a long time and it was amazing hearing all three guys sing along with her. I can�t wait to download it. It�s not enough to win back Jesse who breaks up with her. Is he still the bad guy?

The C-list members of the club (that would be Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Kurt and Brittany) are all pissed they weren�t even included on the list. They try to make themselves cool by breaking rules. They perform Can�t Touch This by Mc Hammer in the library but that doesn�t work. Not even Artie�s kick ass rapping and the big unflattering pants could save that one. Sue is delighted with the opportunity to save her reputation when she receives a phone call from Olivia Newton John who had just finished watching Sue�s video. Together they duet on an updated version of Physical and it�s pretty amazing. Pretty auto tuned but amazing. This episode was ten thousand times better than last week. It focused more on the plot and we got to see everyone involved. Artie and Jesse love! woot!

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