Saturday, May 15, 2010

TV5 Offers Double Treat This Sunday, May 16

Today, viewers who choose to tune in to TV5 from lunchtime onwards will get a double treat with what Sunday interactive party P.O.5 and no-holds barred showbiz talk show Paparazzi have to offer.

As the weeks go by, P.O.5�s Texacto promo has been getting more participants who are challenged to guess the exact amount of the brand new Toyota Vios and the entire showcase and cash the car contains. Every week, the showcase and cash are given away to the lucky texter who guesses the nearest amount, but the Toyota Vios remains up for grabs because no one hits the exact amount of the entire car and showcase package.

P.O.5 also stays true to being the most interactive Sunday party on Philippine TV with more segments that will encourage viewer participation. TV5�s renowned videoke singing competition Sing Galing will be relaunched as Sing Mo Sing Ko in P.O.5 with a glossier look and packed with more entertainment value that will have viewers hooked every week.

If you think P.O.5 is packed with all the treats to liven up your Sunday afternoon, there�s more to come as Paparazzi makes an introduction that will rock the showbiz world. After only a month, Paparazzi has established a reputation of true fearlessness in its bold approach in presenting the hottest showbiz stories and analyzing the most controversial issues that other talk shows veer away from.

Don�t be left clueless to what the town will talk about on Monday. Be sure to tune in to Paparazzi and be in the loop with the explosive revelations that Paparazzi has in store for its viewers.

Make the most out of your Sunday and indulge in TV5's double treat, starting with P.O.5 at 12:00 noon, then followed by Paparazzi at 2:30 p.m.

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