Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Glee Episode 18 Recap � "Laryngitis" Episode

Rachel is predictably under the impression that the rest of the glee club isn�t pulling their weight. Her voice is suffering from all the extra work she has to do to be amazing so she takes it up with Schue. He gives them all solo assignments to motivate them to try their hardest in the club. Rachel goes first and chooses to sing everyone�s favorite song The Climb by Miley Cyrus. The price of being a star is more than she thought and Rachel loses her voice. She starts to panic that she�ll never sing again when her doctor tells her she needs to have surgery. Finn gets tired of her selfishness and tells her off. First by pointing out that Jesse can�t be trusted (:() and second that there are other people way worse off than her. He breaks into Jesse�s Girl which is just the perfect song for him since Jesse�s character was announced. He takes Rachel to see a friend of his who was paralyzed in a football game. They have some touching moments but I can�t help but wonder why they didn�t think talking to Artie about HIS story wouldn�t be as touching.

Puck loses his mohawk to a suspicious freckle and he loses his cool with it. He feels his intimidation factor slipping when he finds himself thrown into a dumpster and vows to get his mojo back. He decides dating Mercedes is the way to go about it. She�s hot and popular now that she�s a Cheerio and he sets out to win her over. Mercedes is super confused that this Sex Shark Jew is hitting on her but he wins her over by proving how black he can be. He grabs her and they sing The Lady is a Tramp with a jazz band and that�s all it takes to fall in love with Puck. Not everyone is okay with this new couple emerging. Quinn is fine with her baby daddy taking his Super Mario talk elsewhere but Santana is pissed that she just lost her f*ck buddy. Mercedes and Santana battle it out singing The Boy Is Mine with Mercedes ultimately hanging up her hat when she realizes Puck isn�t the one for her.

Kurt is still feeling left out with his dad spending so much time with Finn that he starts to question who he is. Sue puts it into his head that he can still be straight so that�s what he sets out to become. He starts wearing lots of flannel, starts singing some Mellencamp and makes out with Brittany in his basement. It�s not enough though for his dad to completely cut Finn out of his life and Kurt doesn�t know what to do. He unleashes his inner broadway diva with Rose�s Turn and he finally has a real heart to heart with his awesome dad. I love you Mike O�Malley. The group gets together for a finale performance of One and show how happy they are together as a group. Hugs all around!

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