Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glee Episode 19 Recap � "Dream On" Episode

Mr. Schue�s high school nemesis Bryan Ryan shows up at the school to cause some trouble. The same kind of trouble that seems to constantly plague this club. It has to get tiring for them to always be threatened with the loss of the club but what can ya do? Also, one has to wonder, with all the financial problems the club seems to have, where are they getting the massive budget for all these amazing costumes when Artie can�t even get a bus ride? Anyway, Bryan wants to prove to the club that they�re all destined to be as bitter as he is. Dreams are worthless and a waste of time. Reality checks are where it�s at. Even if he�s right, it�s still never wrong to dream. Hope is a dangerous think to lose.

Jesse gets back together with Rachel under the guise of missing her but sadly, we all know better. This beautiful man has ulterior motives and this week it�s getting Rachel to open up about wanting to know her mother. He gets her to admit she wants to find out who her mother is and he sets to work. He plants a tape of Rachel�s mother (revealed to be Shelby, the leader of Vocal Adrenaline) in a box of Rachel�s baby stuff and tries to force her to listen to it. When that doesn�t work, a wet and sexy Jesse goes to Shelby to explain he doesn�t want to hurt Rachel. Yay! Is there hope Jesse can return as a good guy? Shelby tells him she never got to hold Rachel and it�s against the contract she signed to get in touch with Rachel on her own. Why does she want to get to know Rachel? We assumed it was to dismantle New Directions but does she just simply want to know her daughter?

In a bar, Will and Bryan bond over their love of music and Bryan starts to embrace it. They do an okay job of singing one of the best classic songs ever; Piano Man by Billy Joel. I love that they sang it in a bar. They then proceed to audition for the same part in Les Miz and sing a duet of Dream On by Aerosmith. I�m having bad Danny Gokey flashbacks. When Will wins the part over Bryan, Bryan proves what a child he is and cuts glee club in some sort of bizarre tantrum. He swiftly changes his mind when a defeated Will offers him the part. What kind of lesson was that?

Artie admits out loud his dream to Tina. He dreams of being a dancer but has no hope that it will ever happen. Tina, the voice of reason in this entire episode, tells Artie that nothing is impossible and there�s always hope. We get a really sad scene of Artie trying to walk and I end up just feeling terrible. Tina shows up the next day to make him feel better with some experimental research she found for his condition. They then go to the mall and we�re treated to the best dream sequence this show has ever done. Artie performs and dances Safety Dance and it�s the best thing ever. Finally an excuse for the show to show us what an amazing dancer Kevin Mchale is. I love everything about this.

Emma comes to be a Debbie Downer and basically crush all of Artie�s dreams and tell him he�s having false hope. What the hell? Who is she to tell him that? She should lose her license. He obviously needs Jack Shephard to fix him. The episode ends with dreams realized with a duet by Shelby and Rachel singing I Dreamed A Dream and Artie singing Dream A Little Dream
while Tina is forced to dance with Mike when Artie opts out.

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