Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Video Says it All: Korina Sanchez Alleged "Boo" Incident at "Tears for Fears" Concert

Kalat na kalat na sa mga social networking sites ang news tungkol sa pag-boo kay Korina Sanchez, wife ng Vice-Presidentiable na si Mar Roxas, during the Tears for Fears concert in Araneta last Sunday, May 2.

Korina, who was wearing the blue campaign t-shirt of Mar, reportedly received the "boo" from the audience when she flashed the "L" or Laban sign nung ipakita sya twice on the big screen right before the famous band said their goodbye "kuno".

But as expected Korina denied the allegations. In the presscon she organzed last Tuesday, May 3, at the Imperial Palace Suites in Quezon City, Korina defended herself and clarified na 'di nya alam na may nakatutok palang camera sa kanya, "Issue of propriety na ito. Ugali ko na ang pinag-uusapan dito. Walang nakarinig ng boo. We didn't hear it. Mar [Roxas] was there, he didn't hear it. Pinagtatawanan lang niya. Kasi hindi naman niya talaga narinig.

"Ini-enjoy namin ang concert, nagsasayawan kami. Pinalalabas kasi nilang ginamit ko ang venue sa kampanya. Of course not, hindi ako ganun. Hindi ako doon nangangam�panya."

Meanwhile, Ovation Productions, promoter of Tears For Fears Manila concert through Renen de Guia, cleared the issue and sent their apologies to Korina.

"I would like to apologize to Ms. Korina Sanchez if our cameraman inadvertently focused on her. We would like to clarify that neither Ms. Sanchez nor anyone in her company made arrangements with us that they be given publicity mileage for political purposes during the Tears For Fears concert. I can imagine that flashing the "Laban" sign has become second nature to her after having been actively campaigning daily for months."

Pero ano itong 30-second video clip na naka-post sa YouTube titled "Korina 'Boo' Sanchez. Tears for Fears in Manila concert", which clearly shows na may "boo" ngang nangyari sa concert?

So ano ba talaga ang totoo Mrs. Palengke?

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