Monday, May 31, 2010

Sophia Young, Jack Soon, Joe Vargas and Patrick Sugui are Evicted from PBB Teen Clash of 2010

Last Saturday night, two Teenternationals and two Pinoy housemates were evicted from PBB house.

Sophia [Ko So Young], Jack [Sungbin Yoon], James Reid and Jenny Kim are the four Teenternationals nominated. While, the Pinoy housemates nominated are Angelito "Angelo" Pasco, Patricia Mae "Tricia" Santos, Patrick Sugui and Joe Vargas.

Teenternationals James and Jenny were "saved" while Jack and Sophia were the housemates evicted last night. Before leaving the house, PBB host Toni Gonzaga asked Jack what he will do when he goes back to the outside world. Jack replied, "back to my normal life." The host further added that he could go back to managing his business. Sophia simply said, "It was a great experience for me."

Here are the poll results for Teenternational housemates as announced during the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 6th Eviction Night:

James � 68.86%
Jenny � 14.59%
Sophia � 12.24%
Jack � 4.31%

Jitters were felt by the four nominated Pinoy housemates. Tricia was the first housemate to be called. Angelo, being the second housemate to be "saved," gave a sigh of relief as his name was called. Joe and Patrick automatically became the third and fourth evictees during the eviction night.

Joe scored the lowest votes at 5.60% and Patrick at 17.33%. Angelo fared better at 23.79% while Tricia garnered the highest percentage at 53.28%.

Trying hard to fight back tears, good friends Patrick and Joe finally stepped out of Kuya's house. Joe was asked by the PBB host if he had any regrets. Joe replied that "Wala naman po. Pinakita ko lang kung sino ako." Meanwhile, Patrick was asked what he will miss inside Kuya's house, he said "My housemates. Kung wala sila, di ko kakayanin yan wala ang parents ko." The hosts then quipped that the evicted housemates should look forward to their Avatar reunion with Kazel Kinouchi and Yen Santos.

Only ten housemates are left inside Kuya's house. Find out what adventures await the remaining housemates.

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