Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Complete Gastronomic Experience Daily on QTV

Looking for that perfect gourmet recipe for a gathering? Searching for the easiest and tastiest meal that can be done in just minutes? Craving for desserts? No need to buy the heaviest of recipe books or to search online for that website with the most complete recipes because QTV has it all!

"Iba�t-ibang putahe, swak sa sari-saring panlasa." � This is how Q describes its cooking show block, featuring no less than six cooking shows that are sure to satisfy the diverse taste of its viewers.

First on the menu of QTV's cooking shows are its all-day specials QUICKFIRE and SARAP AT HOME.

QUICKFIRE, hosted by Chef Mom Rosebud Benitez, continues to feature ten minute kitchen wonders on its 9th season. While it�s a common notion that the most delicious of foods takes a long time to prepare, QUICKFIRE proves otherwise by showing the viewers how to come up with tasty dishes in just ten minutes! SARAP AT HOME, on the other hand, proves that simple yet exciting dishes can be made out of ingredients that are readily available at home. With Sam Oh taking the lead, SARAP AT HOME also shows that one doesn�t need to be a professional chef to be able to whip up great meals at home. QUICKFIRE and SARAP AT HOME air several times daily.

"Deluxe combos" are also being served by QTV through MY FAVORITE RECIPES and DELICIOSO. MY FAVORITE RECIPES recently launched its 4th season with Chef Gino Gonzalez joining host China Cojuangco in bringing two dishes with complementing tastes on each episode several times daily. Meanwhile, Sam Oh and Chef Jackie Ang-Po will soon unravel interesting and easy-to-prepare recipes, perfect for sharing with guests at home, in DELICIOSO beginning August 1.

Completing the roster of Q's food shows are TARA LET'S EAT and KITCHEN BATTLES. Hosted by Tonipet Gaba, TARA LET�S EAT serves as the viewers� ticket to ultimate food trips and discoveries. KITCHEN BATTLES, on the other hand, is on its way to naming its first-ever ultimate Chef Warrior with host Zoren Legaspi, co-host Issa Litton, and resident judge Chef Sau del Rosario.

Catch all these gastronomic treats exclusively on QTV.

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