Monday, July 19, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Trouble

Back at Merlotte's things are slowly heading towards crazytown again. The poor people of this town just never get a break. Terry and Arlene take the next step and move in together. Terry couldn't be cuter or more thrilled at the idea of living with his baby mama. It just breaks my heart that eventually Arlene might let it slip who the father is. She�s crazy enough without pregnancy hormones so an outburst like that is imminent. But I still love you Carrie Preston.

Sam's crazy family are still in town and don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I still don't trust them and I want to know what they're hiding. Sam allows them to move in to one of his houses and naturally, they take advantage straight away. But it becomes clear that things aren't kosher and that Sam's brother is hiding something. After Sam gives him a job at the bar, Tommy tries to spend as much time as possible away from home. He almost seems scared to leave but refuses to tell Sam what's bothering him. A red flag get raised right away when Sam's crazy father goes ballistic looking for his son demanding he come home. What the hell is up with these people?

Jason shows up to the police station nicely groomed under the assumption he's already a cop giving Andy no choice but to humor him. He sits Jason behind a desk and tries to pull some strings for him. Jason quickly gets fed up of desk work and decides to give us all a treat and washes some squad cars shirtless. In between rinsing, he notices the girl he saw in the woods a few weeks back and sets off after her. She's a mysterious girl who's of course, hiding something. What do you think her story is?

Some happy news! Lafayette gets a nice surprise when Jesus shows up at Merlotte's. Thinking he's bringing bad news with him, Lafayette asks why he's there. He's surprised to hear that Jesus came to see him. He's harmless and just wanted to hang or see a movie. And he's wearing a really flattering purple shirt.

Franklin still has Tara held hostage at Russell's home and she�s more than a little surprised when Bill walks in. She pleads with him to help her but he brushes her off. Poor Tara. Franklin is such a nut job. But I dig his accent. I wonder what kind of problem he's got going on upstairs. He seems to genuinely want her around but he doesn't seem to grasp how to treat humans. Tying Tara up isn't really romantic. She manages to escape from his clutches for a few minutes and even makes it outside. Coot however catches her and she finds herself right back where she started. Franklin cries his eyes out at the fact she tried to leave him. I mean like seriously bawling. Tara's bewildered and so am I. She decides the best plan of action is to play along with his little game. It works for awhile but ultimately backfires when Franklin proposes and announces he'll be turning her so she can be his vampire bride.

Last but not least, Eric goes to visit the King under the guise of looking for Bill. When Bill strolls in his plan is destroyed. Flashback to Eric's human life and his entire family being mauled and killed by the same pack of werewolves. Revenge for Eric is definitely in the cards. Lucky for him, the King hasn't really been trusting Bill lately ever since Franklin showed up with the dossier on Sookie he found in Bill's desk. The King thinks Bill has been lying to him and has been tracking the telepathic powers in Sookie�s family. What interest do the vampires have in her powers? Bill goes to warn Sookie about the King but it's too late. Coot and Russell show up to get her and take care of Bill. Next week should be a real doozy.

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