Monday, July 26, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

Starting where we left off last week, the king takes Sookie and Bill back to his mansion (Where�s Alcide?) to get some answers. Good luck man. The King wants nothing to do with Bill who has proven himself untrustworthy and puts him in his slave room. He gives a stunned Lorena an order to kill Bill and focuses his attention on Sookie. Eric convinces the King that Sookie is more valuable then he realizes. Is this Eric�s way of keeping Sookie safe? He�s doing a pretty good job of making it seem like he doesn�t care. But then again we know he has his own agenda. More on that later. The King questions Sookie about what she is, what her powers are and why she has them. He doesn�t get very far though and doesn�t learn much that we don�t already know. He gets frustrated and shows Sookie the file Bill kept on her. I wonder what Bill�s excuse will be.

Naturally, Lorena takes her sweet time with Bill. This is a vampire who broke her heart so of course she�s gonna make him suffer with a buffet of evil silver weapons to choose from. She tortures him for awhile and eventually drains most of his blood by cutting into him like he�s in surgery. It�s really nasty. To save her from the trouble, Coot and his latest trashy girlfriend show up for a snack and begin to drain what�s left of Bill�s blood.

Eric continues on his subtle sneaky road to vengeance. He spends his time flirting with an increasingly frustrated Talbot and I have to his way of revenge going to be stealing Talbot away? I was sure of this until I saw Eric in the car flirting with the King. Perhaps he�s emotionally disarming both of them with his charm. Clever vamp. The King takes Eric to see the queen and together they blindside her. Eric announces his allegiance to the King and Russell proposes/blackmails Sophie Ann. I really wouldn�t mind seeing either one of these royalties die. Get on it Eric.

Lafayette and his new yummy delight Jesus get closer. They spend the night together and learn more about each other�s pasts. Jesus doesn�t have a happy one. He has no idea who his dad is because his mama was raped. When Jesus learns that Lafayette is a drug dealer including V he doesn�t hesitate to bolt. He refuses to stick around and Lafayette takes his mood out on poor Arlene. She�s got a lot on her plate what with being pregnant and being hilarious all episode. Her and Jessica bond (well sort of) when Jessica realizes how hungry she is.

Tara continues to play along with Franklin�s game as she plots her next escape attempt. When Franklin shows up freshly shaved in a pair of spiffy PJ�s Tara seizes her opportunity. She persuades Franklin to untie her so she can erm, use her hands, and convinces him to let her taste his blood. Then she bites him. Keep in mind, she has no fangs. So it�s really disgusting seeing her dig into his skin. Blech. The next morning Tara sneaks out of bed, grabs some scary old age silver weapon and bashes Franklin�s cute head in. I mean really, bashes his head in and covers herself in his blood. Gee, I hope he�s okay.

She runs out, takes out a werewolf, grabs Sookie and they make a run for it. They barely make it downstairs before Sookie acts like an idiot. She can't leave without Beel! Tara can�t believe her ears and is basically like "Whatever bitch you're on your own" and dashes outside. Alcide finds her and helps her escape. Sookie finds a drained Bill barely alive but before she can do anything, Lorena catches her, bites her, and begins to drain her blood. Yikes. What did you guys think? Do you think Franklin is dead? What�s Eric�s plan? What�s up with Tommy�s creepy parents?

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