Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet The Cast of GMA-7 Drama-Fantasy Series "Ilumina"

True to its word of providing superior entertainment and as part of its 60th anniversary celebration, GMA Network brings to light another ground-breaking program this August � the newest drama-fantasy series, Ilumina.

Set to premiere this Monday, August 2, Ilumina features a powerhouse cast and a captivating plot that will surely keep the viewers � children and adults alike � glued on TV.

Rhian Ramos - Romana

Aljur Abrenica - I�igo

Jackie Rice - Krisanta

Leading Ilumina's grand ensemble of stars are King of Philippine Drama Christopher de Leon as Frederico, multi-awarded actress Jean Garcia in a dual role as Elvira and Melina, award-winning actress Ara Mina as Elsa, and featuring the return of 2004 Brussels International Film Festival Best Actor Cesar Montano to GMA Network. He will play the role of Romano.

Cesar Montano - Romano

Jean Garcia - Elvira/Melina

Christopher de Leon - Frederico

Ara Mina - Elsa

Ably complementing them are some of the hottest Kapuso starts today � 2007 Golden Screen Awards' Breakthrough Performance winner Rhian Ramos as Romana, 2009 Box Office Awards' Most Promising Male Star of Movies and TV winner Aljur Abrenica as I�igo, and Starstruck Season 3 Ultimate Female Survivor Jackie Rice as Krisanta.

Adding more star power to the Kapuso Network's newest primetime program are StarStruck Avenger Paulo Avelino as Antonio, Jake Vargas as Eliseo and Bea Binene as Evelina, who were part of the successful teen series First Time, and introducing the daughter of Maritoni Fernandez, Lexi.

Jake Vargas - Eliseo

Paulo Avelino - Antonio

With seasoned telefantasya director Mark Reyes at the helm, Iluminaunveils a legendary tale of the white and black sorcerers and their struggle to seize the powerful Ilumina, the Book of Magic. According to legend, whoever possesses the Ilumina will achieve enormous power.

Lexi Fernandez

Bea Binene - Evelina

Romano (Cesar Montano) is a simple farmer who accidentally finds himself amidst the power struggle of the white and black sorcerers. He has a loving wife named Elsa (Ara Mina), who will help Romano get through the situations they find themselves in.

Little does the couple know that the search of the sorcerers for the elusive Ilumina will intertwine the lives and loves of their own children � formerly conjoined twins Romana (Rhian Ramos) and Krisanta (Jackie Rice).

Despite their opposite personalities, the twin sisters still profess similarities as they like most of the same things. The twins� relationship starts to falter, however, when Romana discovers she has a telekinesis power. This leaves the powerless Krisanta extremely envious, and that the only magical thing she has is a streak of veins on her cheek that becomes prominent when she gets angry or emotional.

Regardless of their differences, Romana loves her twin sister very much still. The real conflict between the two only arises when they meet I�igo (Aljur Abrenica), a wealthy, free-spirited young man who has been longing for the attention of his father. He will be the love interest of both Romana and Krisanta.

Unknown to the twins, the mysterious Elvira (Jean Garcia) has been keeping tabs on them. She is the second wife of wealthy philanthropist Frederico (Christopher de Leon) who has been playing a part in the lives of both Romana and Krisanta � as financer of the operation that separated the conjoined twins, and as the father of I�igo, the young man both sisters love. Elvira seeks the powerful Ilumina, and she believes that Romana and Krisanta would lead her to where the Book of Magic is hidden.

In her effort to get the Ilumina, will Elvira, whose dark past remains a secret, be able to entice Krisanta to join her? Will Romano be able to save his daughters from the hands of Elvira? Who will conquer the heart of I�igo: will it be Krisanta or Romana? Are the formerly conjoined twins destined to be separated forever? And who will finally possess the powerful Ilumina?

Catch the enchanting new Kapuso primetime series, Ilumina, starting this Monday, August 2, on GMA Telebabad.

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