Thursday, July 22, 2010

Short Profiles About The New MYX VJs Ton, Julz and Robin

MYX, the number one music channel in the Philippines, finally revealed the winners of the MYX VJ Search 2010.

Among the 12 finalists, 18-year-old red-haired college student Julz Savard; 21-year-old pretty boy rocker Ton Vergel De Dios and 21-year old musician Robin Nievera were chosen as the newest music ambassadors of MYX.

Get to know more about the new MYX VJ below:

Juliann "JULZ" Savard

A Creative Writing student from the Ateneo de Manila University, Julz is one of those finalists whom you can easily spot in a crowd.

Julz admits that her red hair helped her stand out. "But honestly my hair doesn't define me, I define my hair. My personality outshines everybody else. I'm not the usual girl-next-door, I'm different and it's because of that, I shine!"

Aside from her spunky attitude, this 18-year old girl stands out in the many aspects of her life. She's a Dean�s Lister for three years and a Ms. Teen Philippines at 14. "That shows my versatility, I don't limit myself. And for years I've been trying to make a break somewhere, whether in music, the fashion world or TV, and I've never given up. And look where it's brought me. I want to inspire the youth to follow their dreams. I've gotten this far, so if I can do it, so can they."

Roberto Martin "ROBIN" Nievera

His knack for making people laugh makes this 21-year old musician stand out from the rest of the bunch. Robin�s wit, humor and musical talent are a clear indication of how his music royalty parents greatly contributed to this young man who believes that "we�re never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy".

Robin shares that he has always been interested to become a MYX VJ. "It never looked like work for them. It looked more like people just being themselves, having fun in front of a camera. And I enjoy being myself around people. So I thought this would be perfect for me."

When asked about his "secret weapons" in making it to the finals, Robin shares, "I do not have any secret weapons. I cannot dance. I can sing but anyone can out sing me or outplay me on the guitar any day. I am just going to be myself. No one can be like me. So that is what i will be doing--just being me."

Jose Antonio "TON" Vergel de Dios

Ton thinks that the best part of his experience in the MYX VJ Search is the unbelievable response from so many people. "I�ve been meeting so many new people and there are just so many who have been supportive, which makes me want to be a VJ even more! "

Ton believes that he can contribute and promote MYX by showing people that music as a diverse form of art. "Just because I�m a rocker, it doesn�t mean that I don�t appreciate other kinds of music because any kind of music can be just as rock and roll as rock and roll itself. I would really like to represent the Pinoy music scene and try to make more people come together and be part of this scene."

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